DJane Honey Gee!

Djane Honey Gee!

Djane Honey G hails from Bangkok, Thailand and originally known as Nongluck Kiatratsamee and is one of the hottest female DJs in the music scene today.

She grew up in Thailand as the only child of a humble merchants’ family and attained her Bachelors Degree in Economics at the nationally renowned Ramkhamhaeng University.

However, she grew to have more passion as a DJ and not in the occupation she was initially set to work for.

She has made a name for herself in this male-dominated industry against all odds. She has rubbed shoulders on the stage with big names across the world in International shows mainly in the South East Asian Region.

Her fan base is ever growing in Asia and tours to Europe have resulted in growing numbers in the likes of Canada, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, UK, USA, France and Japan.

DJ Honey G has from an early age had an interest towards Fashion Designing. She is keen on collaborating both fashion and the soul of music as an integral part of her music career. She has now a vast collection of custom made outfits designed and created by her for all of her performance.

Her heart places interest in the clothing she wears just as much as her heart places love to her music she shares. DJ Honey G expresses her feelings in fashion and music and hopes to be inspirational to everyone that follows her in her stylish musical journey.

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